Shawn Barksdale, CEO-Founder

The Process! Talk to me, I'm listening...

I have been in the printing business for quite some time! I have found that listening is my most valuable skill where satisfying my customer base is concerned. I have also determined that each and every customer has value. I'm blessed to be in the position I am today and because I listen to what my clients are asking for, they get exactly what they imagined.

I don't rush the process, it takes what it takes to do the job right. Now that doesn't mean my turn around time suffers, it's the exact opposite. By taking the time to embrace my clients vision, passion and intended results in their product, it affords me the necessary data to hit a home run most of the time. 

The process is simple, call me with your idea! Then let me know how many of each item you want and in what sizes and colors. Submit your design and deposit and were are off to the races!

I'm available to you for almost any project, from family reunions to corporate shirts for your company.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. In the meantime look at a few of the products many of my satisfied customers have ordered. 

Thank you in advance.


What we do...

Customized sceen-printing services,decals embroidery and fast turn around!

The place where you pay 4 our Time We give you the love 4 free!