Pressing The Issue, Host Shawn Barksdale - 60 Second Tease!

Pressing The Issue

February 3rd I had the privilege of speaking to the youth at The Rivermont School Chase City, VA - Centra Health - Central Virginia's Comprehensive Medical Resource. 

I would like to thank Kathy Tuthill, Principal for this opportunity. I was greeted at the door with love and the young people were awesome!

Full 30 minute video is on the Home page.

Pressing The Issue, Host Shawn Barksdale - Audio Podcast

Shawn Barksdale, CEO/Founder 

of Press4timetees has ventured out into an extension of "Acts of Kindness" with his new PODCAST! 

Coming soon is a Podcast that will help people with obstacles in their life. Tune into Shawn's Podcast soon! Check back for updates...

Press4timetees "Act of Kindness" Program is growing!

Shawn Barksdale, 

CEO & Founder of Press4timetees continuously seeks out deserving persons and organizations that extend an "Act of Kindness" to others. 

Pictured to the left is Lenzy "Victorious" Terry, CEO & Founder of Victorious Ambition and he surprises him at Wells Fargo Bank, South Boston, VA during a television interview with ace reporter Kyle Wilcox of ABC Channel 13 Danville, VA. Watch Shawn put a smile on another unsuspecting, deserving individual for their "Act of Kindness"!

Press 4 Time Tees Comunity News


Man surprises Golden Corral employee in Danville for her good deed!

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Shawn Barksdale lost his wallet months ago.

He had no idea where he left it until one day he got a Facebook message from Lynisha Graham, an employee at Golden Corral in Danville.

"Chalked it up as a loss. About 2-3 weeks later by the name of Lynisha contacted me on messenger and said that she had found my wallet," said Barksdale, who lives in South Boston. Barksdale said the wallet must have fallen out while he sat down to eat. He said there were hundreds of dollars in their, but nothing was missing.

"Everything was in the wallet. Money, cards, social security card. Everything was in the wallet," Barksdale said. He was truly inspired by this act of kindness. He decided to surprise Graham at the restaurant on Saturday with a custom t-shirt he made, a certificate and also gave her other goodies for being a good Samaritan. Graham said she searched him out on Facebook because it was the right thing to do. "It was just the good thing to do because I'm a parent. I mean we've all lost something and it's hard to get that stuff back now," Graham said.

Graham's kindness gave Barksdale the idea to create an organization that highlights people's good deeds.

He calls it "Acts of Kindness."

"We're going to find good people, trustworthy people that we can take and put them in these place to find good samaritans and present different gifts as it grows and as we get investors," Barksdale said. Graham thinks it is a great idea. "We always hear about so much bad things going on. To just hear the good, it may help anybody," Graham said.


Pictured Shawn rewarding Lynisha Graham

@ KyleMWilcoxTV · Sep 29, 2018

Shawn Barksdale (wearing red hat) surprised Lynisha Graham at Golden Corral today because of a good deed. She found Barksdale’s wallet months ago at the restaurant and searched him out on FB to let him know @ABC13News. Graham was given this shirt and several other goodies for being a good samaritan

Here is the link to the ABC News video:


Acts Of Kindness "T" Shirt by, Press4TimeTees

Shawn Barksdale is an innovator and entrepreneur, his mind is always one step ahead of most people. He is now embarking on a new campaign called "Acts of Kindness". It's his goal for every one to try and provide and "Act of Kindness" to someone in need. 

He will be launching his newly copyrighted T Shirt to help support many charities and non profit organizations. Give Shawn a call or drop him a line to find out how you, your church, family or company can get your custom "Act of Kindness" T shirts today!


Shawn Barksdale donating to his community again...

Acts of Kindness Custom Tee Shirts For Your Company or Organization

Shawn Barksdale is involved in his community in many ways. When he got wind of the Halifax County Cancer Associations 5th Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant he again sprung into action!

Shawn thought it would be a good idea to provide a few gifts for the Halifax County Cancer Association by way of shirts, hoodies and a few gift bags with goodies in them. Pictured with Sharon Blosser, Director of the Halifax County Cancer Association just a day after he heard about the event. He made the garments and showed up to present them to her himself. 

"Just another ACT OF KINDNESS he said!" If your company has an event coming up and can use fund raiding materials by way of shirts, hats, hoodies or other wearable garments give Shawn and Press4TimeTees a call right away!

Press 4 Time Tees supports our local schools & community...


Any 90th Birthday Celebration is a family affair!

The whole family can show support and celebrate with a comparative custom T shirt by Press4TimeTees. 


Cheer-moms, The Backbone of The Cheerleader

What better way to support your daughter of son by having your very own custom CHEER-MOM HOODIE! 


Cheerleaders Rock!

With your special loved one's picture on your hoodie, there will be no mistaking who you are cheering for! Order your custom hoodie today, to show community, school and family support. 

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